Rock Hounding Club in the Boise, Nampa area

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It is our goal to bring the joys of rockhounding, cutting, polishing of lapidary rocks, crystals and minerals, including gold panning to as many as possible, young and old!

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The Earth Brite Rockhounding Club is a for profit club which is a part of the Earth Brite Rock Shop LLC business. We must make money to pay the rent, operate our business to help you and your families enjoy this awesome hobby.

Membership for one year is $12 per individual, or $20 per couple or family. Membership will be from August 1st to August 1st the next year. If you pay late it is still good from when you pay until the end of the fiscal year for us. Membership perks include guided rockhounding trips on at least a bi monthly basis, monthly if possible, weather permitting.

Discounts or monthly specials just for members. Free use of one of our three cabochon/polishing machines one day per week to be announced. After the member has taken our cabochon/polishing class you must call ahead or stop by the store to sign up for your hour. Members will get discounted rates on classes that we teach. Outside folks who teach classes will not be offering discounts. Rock hound trips and opportunities for members will be announced on our Earth Brite Rock Hounders page on Facebook.

Earth Brite is accepting donations of new and used lapidary equipment, rocks, minerals, crystals, claims, cash etc.. to offer more for our club members to use for their own needs. We can refurbish equipment and sell to our members at discounted pricing and offer it for use in our rock shop. Moneys taken in from memberships and donations will be used by Earth Brite to benefit the club through purchases of lapidary rocks, equipment, claims etc.. Earth Brite has already purchased over 80 tons of Semi-Precious stone in the past year alone. Most is stored at the owner’s home in Parma Idaho. Members will receive up to a 50% discount off most of this rock. It can be used for cutting, polishing, rock gardens, landscaping, etc.….

We encourage membership in the other rock and gem clubs as well! They offer monthly trips and monthly meetings. Our number one goal is to make available to our members discounts and free use of lapidary equipment as well as rockhounding trips for all age groups.