Birthday Party Place in Caldwell, Idaho

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If you have a child that is into arts and crafts or is crazy about rocks have their party at Earth Brite! We offer a variety of fun Birthday packages that involve learning, crafts, and take home presents! Our packages include:

Low Cost Party - $6.00 per child. This package includes a slab for building a diorama on, a few pretty rocks and hot glue that the adult is only to use. The party will receive a small bag of rocks for each child. The birthday kid gets a geode that is from $7.00 down. The child will get to pick the geode they want. We will also give them a birthday present surprise.

Second Price Party is $10.00 per child. This package includes everything in the first package. Plus each child will receive a thunder egg each, we will cut them in half for each child at the party.

Third Price Party is $15.00 per child. This package includes one and two. Plus you can do a class of choice or a field trip out to gather rocks. Weather can be a factor. No rain or wet conditions.

Going All the Way - $20.00 per child. This package has one and two. Plus a class and field trip out to gather rocks.

Maximum Fun Time in the Rock Shop $35 per child. Includes extra size rock slab for building your individual diorama, crystals, geodes, polished stones, plastic or pewter figurine. A geode to crack and a thunderegg to cut, free panning for gold and gemstones, free bag of rocks.

Custom Package -You may build your own birthday party if you meet with us in person and choose what you would like to do. These are simply great ideas to form a great party for you. You may bring in your own food and decorations. No charge for a sitting fee. We supply tables and chairs. No minimum number of children required.

Call (208) 475-4550 to set up your child’s party today!


We proudly serve the people of Boise, Nampa, Caldwell, Meridian, Eagle, Star, Kuna and all over the greater Ada and Canyon County area.